Montessori Therapy for Children at Mycenae House 




Montessori Therapy 

The special plasticity of the central nervous system of the developing child, gives it the unique ability to adapt and change. In Montessori Therapy parents play a decisive part in the early detection of developmental arrears and they are introduced to developmental rehabilitation activities which they can continue with their child at home.

Montessori Therapy progresses through six stages:

 Stage 1

Early childhood is the best time to intervene to assist the developmental rehabilitation of children with innate or early-acquired damage or disorders.

 Stage 2

Developmental rehabilitation includes early detection, early treatment and early social integration in families, nurseries and schools of children with damage or disorders.

 Stage 3

Parents' knowledge of their child provides the key to early detection of developmental arrears of all kinds. Parents are also the best therapists, having daily opportunities to interact with their child.

Stage 4

Montessori Therapy introduces parents, in minute steps, to a comprehensible programme of early treatment so that parents can perform it at home.

Stage 5

Educating children with developmental arrears alongside normally developing children encourages the physical, social and emotional development and thus the speech, language and communication of all the children.

 Stage 6

 Parents learn from one another, just as children do. Montessori Therapy groups provide a unique forum where parents help their children with practical and social integration activities which assist in early social integration at home and in nurseries and schools.



MEfA Montessori Therapy Application Form:

(Please complete a separate form for each child)


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For further information please telephone Wendy Fidler on 07710 433 994 or visit the MEfA website:


Please send the completed form to:

Montessori Education for Autism (MEfA) Registered Office

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